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Temple of Ascending Flame

With the completion of the Eleven Qlipothic Powers of Tiamat, Necronomicon Gnosis project, and after almost ten years of active work, the goals that had been set up for Lodge Magan and offside projects that arose in the meantime were accomplished and our Work is now finished. The Lodge closed by the end of 2012, giving way to Temple of Ascending Flame that continues certain aspects of our Work.

Temple of Ascending Flame was founded as a Gate to Draconian Current, arising from inspiration received from Lucifer and the Atlantean Primal Gods, and in response to inquiries and expectations of those who wish to walk the Draconian Path of Spiritual Ascent. We are by no means a "magical order". We don't charge fees for membership and our Work is not based on any hierarchies. There are no restrictions about participation in our open projects and in our inner Work we welcome all who are capable of receiving and channeling the Gnosis of the Current. Our wish and Primary Goal is to provide initial guidance for those who seek illumination through the Flames of the Light Bearer and are ready to descend into Qlipothic depths beneath the Tree of Life, and down into the Void, the Womb of the Dragon, in order to become reborn and to arise as Gods Incarnate.

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