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Featured Item

Draconian Ritual Book

by Asenath Mason

This book will introduce you into foundations and practical methods of Draconian magic as a path of self-initiation. You will learn how to start your practice, establish contact with gods and spirits that will assist you in this work, build your personal temple, prepare tools for your rituals, and design your own workings and exercises. You will find here invocations and evocations, meditations and trances, exercises for cleansing, grounding, and raising the inner Serpent Force. There are instructions that will help you in your astral travels and dream magic, teach you how to work with seals and sigils, enhance your magical senses, and show you how to use gates and doorways to the Other Side. It will also guide you through the process of Kundalini awakening, discussing symptoms and providing exercises that will help you in your individual practice. Finally, you will find here a ritual of self-initiation into the Draconian current. READ MORE...


29 July 2016

"Draconian Ritual Book" by Asenath Mason is now available in our catalogue.


1 March 2016

"Tree of Qliphoth" by Temple of Ascending Flame is now available in our catalogue


9 October 2015

Our art prints and posters section has been updated and expanded. We are now offering prints featuring the occult-themed art of Asenath Mason. Can be signed on request!

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